Vehicle Branding Permit Required Documents

Vehicle branding permit

The permission from RTA is mandatory to advertise on your vehicle, however, getting the RTA permit is not difficult. RTA inspectors will check the design of your vehicle if it follow the rules and regulations of Dubai government. Once your design meets the requirements and the payment cleared, RTA will issue a permit for each vehicle and for the duration of one year. Knowing the rules and regulations can avoid any rejection from RTA and save your time & money. Our experts at Sahara can provide you with a headache-free complete service and advise you in advance.

Required Documents

  • The Mockup of the vehicle 4 sides (design and graphics)
  • Company Trade license (The owner of the vehicle)
  • Trade license of the company applying (If using a 3rd party agency)
  • Vehicle’s ownership certificate
  • CID approval and vehicle Inspection (for Full Wrapping only)

General Terms and conditions

  • More than 50% of your advertising content should be in Arabic language
  • The Arabic trade name must match the license and vehicle ownership.
  • Writing an activity that is not mentioned in the trade license in not allowed.
  • An approval from Dubai Police (CID) is required (changing color of the vehicle)
  • For real estate brokerage/real estate advertisement, No Objection Certificate is required from the Dubai Land Department.
  • For rented vehicle, No Objection Certificate from the leasing company.
  • If the advertisement was for a brand, you must present the ownership of the trademark that’s registered at the Ministry of Economy, or the owner’s NOC ratified by the notary.

Graphics requirements

The following graphics and designs are not allowed:

  • Smoking symbols in all their forms
  • Flags of countries
  • Religious slogans or symbols
  • Images that violate public morality
  • Other languages (excluding Arabic and English)
  • 3D images
  • Images on the front upper part of the vehicle
  • Images of real people
  • Advertising on the windscreen.

The graphics must not include a lot of expressions on one side (images and text).

The maximum number of images on each side of the vehicle is 4 to 5.

For more information you can visit the RTA website