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Car branding and wrapping is our main specialty, nobody knows how to brand a vehicle better than we do. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we pride ourselves to be one of the leading car branding and wrapping companies in Dubai.

We came across almost any problem you might face while branding your vehicle and we know how to deliver the best results. Whether if you are looking for a commercial car branding or a high quality and premium wrapping, our professionals will ensure that the quality of print and production exceeds your expectations.  

At Sahara, we understand your company needs and convert your car into a roaming billboard; our designs speak your target audience language and communicate your brand message.

Vehicle Branding and wrapping are considered the most cost-effective marketing channel to promote your company. By advertising on your vehicles, you are unleashing the potential of outreaching a broad segment of your prospective clients. Our talented design team will help your car to stand out from all of your competitors. The technical and production team will make sure to use the correct decal vinyl stickers that best suit your vehicle type (Flat, Semi Curve or Full Curve).  


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    Complete Branding
    - Full Car Wrapping

    Vehicle branding full wrapping showcase

    A full branding or complete wrapping means covering all sides of the vehicle (windows cannot be covered). The copy and trade mark should be in both English and Arabic and both front hood and roof can only have plain graphics

    Partial Branding -
    Half Car Wrapping

    Vehicle branding half wrapping showcase

    The vehicle branding can cover up to half of the vehicle on both sides. The trade mark and copy needs to be displayed in English & Arabic (windows cannot be covered)

    Logo Branding -
    Name Car Wrapping

    Car branding - logo only showcase

    Only company logo, the trade mark name in English and Arabic and address along with phone number, email, website is allowed to be displayed on the front doors of the vehicle.

    Why branding your vehicle with Sahara

    Headache free process

    Headache Free Process

    Our sales coordinators will guide you through the whole process step by step. Offering advice on the design graphics, copy and help you with the RTA & CID approvals to save time and money. After getting all the permissions, they will keep you updated until we hand over your vehicle and follow up with you to receive your feedback

    High Quality

    Quality Printing & Material

    To deliver high-quality results, we use top-quality solvent ink and premium outdoor decal vinyl stickers; a transparent UV protection film is applied to ensure the protection against the harsh weather of Dubai and save the colors from being faded over time. We use multiple media films based on the requirements of the client from different suppliers, such as 3M & Mactac.

    Affordable prices


    Who said that affordable prices and high quality don’t meet. We have proven that offering the best prices and delivering high-quality results are the best strategy to gain clients’ trust and satisfaction. We aim to build Win-Win business relationships with customers, so we do our best to meet their expectations and save their money

    spray-painting-Sahara vehicle branding service

    Spray paint service

    Sahara offers a comprehensive vehicle spray paint service at an affordable price. Whether partial or complete spray paint service, Sahara design & artwork possesses the necessary tools, skills & expertise to offer you only the best quality vehicle spray & re – spray solutions.

    Van  Car  Bus  Pickup  Truck  Bicycle  Jet Ski  Yacht  Helicopter Airplane  Tram Branding and Wrapping

    We can brand any vehicle

    Our professional team can brand any vehicle, no matter what size. We check every single detail to ensure that the car is perfectly wrapped. We have branded everything you could imagine, starting from a bicycle to a large Airbus plane.

    RTA Permission is Mandatory by Law for Vehicles Branding and Our services are in compliance with RTA Vehicle Advertising Guidelines under the following categories: Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle Branding, Bus and Trailer Branding, Car Vinyl Wrap, Van Wrapping, Car Stickers, Car Advertising, Vehicle Advertising, Car Graphic Design, Mobile Advertising.